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How to Record a Pelican After it Catches a Fish Using Telephoto Lense

Here are a couple clips I grabbed using Vaptur to track the Pelican as it was fishing.  I was using @CamKix 8X zoom attached to a 5C for these shots.  I waited until I was sure it had a fish and then hit the green record button on Vaptur to capture the entire flight and dive each time.

Zoom lenses like CamKix are highly recommend for action shots of wildlife or sports action capture with Vaptur where the action is further away.  You can pick up lenses like this at  Photojojo which is also a  good spot to check out all types of camera lenses, gear and ideas on how to use your phone for photography.

Clip 1


Clip 2

Also got this great still from a frame from Clip 2