How to Record Something After You See It

Start Vaptur™ and wait for something interesting to happen.

iP6plus_landscape_2When you see something interesting happen, you can press the green Vaptur record button after you see it to record what you just saw as it appears again in the 8 second delay box.



Below is a diagram of how it works followed
by a short clip to demonstrate the concept.


The recorded video will be full sized even though the delay box is smaller.


Here is a sample video on how it works.


Key points to note about Vaptur recording:

You start and stop recording based on what you see in the delay screen – not the live screen.  So be sure and wait to see the end of the action in the delay screen before hitting stop.

Vaptur currently supports landscape recording only.

Vaptur needs at least 5% of your available memory to record or process recorded videos.