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How to Record a Pelican After it Catches a Fish Using Telephoto Lense

Here are a couple clips I grabbed using Vaptur to track the Pelican as it was fishing.  I was using @CamKix 8X zoom attached to a 5C for these shots.  I waited until I was sure it had a fish and then hit the green record button on Vaptur to capture the entire flight and dive each time.

Zoom lenses like CamKix are highly recommend for action shots of wildlife or sports action capture with Vaptur where the action is further away.  You can pick up lenses like this at  Photojojo which is also a  good spot to check out all types of camera lenses, gear and ideas on how to use your phone for photography.

Clip 1


Clip 2

Also got this great still from a frame from Clip 2









How To Record Something –After– You See It

The Story of Vaptur:

Vaptur ™ is a new Patent Pending video recording technology that allows you to video record something after you see it.

We created Vaptur (a play on the words “Video Capture”) to be a camera App with this built in capability.

As far as we know this is the first time that two screens (live and constant delayed) were set up in a camera for the sole purpose of allowing someone to record something after they see it live by using the record button to record what they see in the delayed screen.

The genius of this idea is that you use the “Record” button to grab video clips after they happen live, seconds after you decide they are worth recording. This is not video editing per say, but is live-clipping where you know ahead of time what is going to happen so you know just when to start and stop recording to get just the clip you want with no editing and in near real time. You could call it predictive recording because you can predict the ‘future’ of what will soon be happening in the ‘delay’ screen. In this way you “edit” or “live clip” live video by simply using the record button.

Here is how it works:

Start Vaptur™ and wait for something interesting to happen.iP6plusSoccer_landscape_4

When you see something interesting happen, you can press the green Vaptur record button after you see it to record what you just saw as it appears again in the 8 second delay box.


Here is a picture of how it works:


Here is a video of how it works.

How to record something after you see it.

 Vaptur Free is available on the App Store.

We launched the App after several years of Research and Development.